unique furnishings

Design ideas

wood fruit bowl
Its time to get rid of the traditional furniture designs and try something new instead. There is always a new place for that wooden fruit bowl.  Some of the unique methods which you can use to style your home are things such as, an expandable table: It is a great item of furniture which you can use to style your home. It looks just like a normal circular table but it has a hidden secret. You can easily expand the size of the table without losing its circular design. If you are suffering from shortage of space, then this is a great product.

Hidden Spaces

Using the space under your staircase, with a purpose built staircase storage box,  it is the perfect place for small houses. It occupies very little space but gives you access to a huge storage area. There are a large number of spacious drawers inside it. Its vertical shape can also allows you to use it as a ladder.  The Flap Table: If you have a pool table inside your living room, then a flap table will come in extremely handy for you. It is built with high quality materials and has a premium gold finish. It can convert your pool table into a dining table in just a few seconds.



Multi functional sofas are ideally suitable when there is a shortage of space or rooms, products like these comes in handy. A multi functional sofa can be converted into a dining table with stools attached with it. It has a unique design and is very light as well.  Flexible bookshelf: The flexible bookshelf is another very interesting concept. It is flexible and consists of a few planks of wood which are attached to the wall. They are strong enough to hold any objects.  The zigzag bookcase: The zigzag bookcase has a very complex looking design. Its size increases as you keep on adding more books inside it. It also allows you to arrange the books as per their size.  Wooden Fruit bowl: A wooden fruit bowl has a good looking design and is made of high quality wood. You can use it just like any other traditional bowl, but a wooden fruit bowl is usually more durable.